Focusing on the space and objects mediating human relationships, the research of Thomas Soardi (Thiene, 1991) revolves around two macro-areas: the concept of space, concerning what defines it and regulates its fruition; ethology, as a comparative study on the animal kingdom (animal - human).
By intersecting these research fields, a hybrid narrative rises from the creation of systems that see new semantic connections emerging between the elements, thus sparking a new dialogue between the verbal and the visual.
The media implied range from sculpture to installation, from photography to drawing, from graphic design to textile art. 

Thomas Soardi, b. 1991, is an interdisciplinary artist based in Milan. He received a BFA with honors in Fashion Design, from NABA, Milan.

His work has been shown at Museo civico Palazzo Santi (Cascia), Spazio SERRA (Milan), Plasma Plastic Modern Art (Milan), Via Farini Spazio Arte Contemporanea (Milan), Vitamina (Milan), Fabbrica del Vapore (Milan).

In 2019 and 2020 he has been an artist in residence at VIR (Milan) and Sciame Project (mobile art residency).