Thomas Soardi
Visual Artist


Dissecting Disguise


Dissecting Disguise  is the title that gathers the sculptures, installations and digital illustrations realised in occasion of VIR artistic residency 2020.

The project stems from a question focused on fugitive pets who put the relationship with their owners on standby to return to wilderness.

To begin with, it should be made clear that pets usually escape with the intention of coming back, which makes the action temporary and impulsive.

These are two parameters that we also find in mimicry and autotomy, respectively the two fields of this project's research together with a third area represented by anthropomorphism.

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Innesto Rizomatico


Innesto Rizomatico (Rhizomatic Grafting) is a project developed for Sciame Project residency consisting of 9 digital drawings.

The rhizome is a modification of the plant’s stem mainly functioning as a water reserve. In the repertoire of Gilles Deleuze and Pierre-Félix Guattari the rhizome becomes an anti-tree, an anti-root, an anti-structure.

Having taken in consideration the issues of uninhabiting/losing habit, the research has tied up with the issues of physical and spatial change. The first embodied by the concept of prosthesis. The change of space refers to housing modules placed in states of emergency (container/prefabricated). Both represent a sort of shell for the individual, related to the phenomenology of the unexpected, since the use of the aforementioned support structures is activated by emergency parameters.

The drawings have been composed by extrapolating architectural elements from the vertical section of the housing modules, considering three focal points: foundation plinths (base), containment sheets (height), ridge hooks (top). The red lines projected on them configure a planimetry within a volume. Prostheses, like shells, testify the subtraction of presence.

The key is to become imperceptible, to sprout rhizomes and to not root.

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Spazio Emivitale


Spazio Emivitale is the title that defines the body of artworks created for the VIR Art Residency, consisting of installations, sculptures and digital drawing.

The project originates from an analogy with the vital space that a subject acquires in/directly, which is also represented in a proxemic way resulting, in the most intense cases, in isolation by hiding oneself in a cognitive dimension activated by abuse.

These artworks constitute the visual contribution to the issues taken in exam, focusing mainly on self-help mechanisms and their spatial configuration, on alienation, on support devices and on the monitoring of the space.

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